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Old Man Monk

Old Man Monk Coffee

Who We Are

We are a roast-to-order coffee roaster located in Midland, VA. We fell in love with freshly roasted coffee when we first started experimenting with home roasting in 2017. After experiencing the low acidity and the freshness of our home-roasted coffee we set out to gain the experience to provide freshly roasted coffee to the community.  


What to expect?

Our mission is to provide freshly roasted coffee to the community at a price that is affordable. We will be starting with a soft launch to our friends and family as we continue to improve our roasting skills and build out our systems. All coffee is roasted to order.

About Our Beans

 We get our beans from one of the most reputable green coffee beans outlets in regards to the quality and taste, Sweet Maria's. We will be starting out with roasting just Colombian beans and you can read more about the current Columbian bean here.

Decaf: The decaf beans that we roast have been decaffeinated using the Swiss water process that does not use harmful chemicals. If you want to read more about the exact bean you can click on this link here.  If you would like to understand the Swiss water process you can click here. If you would like to better understand the science behind it you can watch this video at this link here.  

About Our Pricing

We worked hard to get our pricing as affordable as possible. While the cheapest coffee in grocery stores is selling 12 oz for $8, the quality that you will be receiving is closer to Happy Creek's which charges $14.95 for 12 oz.


Order Form

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To roast your order by Saturday, all orders must be placed by Wednesday.

Pick up hours


9:00 am – 6:00 pm


2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

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