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Public Work Gallery

Edison GK respects the privacy of our clients and does not post pictures of our client's work without permission. After receiving permission from our client to post pictures we do not identify our clients to their work. At Edison GK, it is a joy to share our work because we strive for excellence in the services we provide. Providing clean and organized work is one of the ways we help our clients to be proactive, to prevent future costs from sloppy and unorganized work.

Office Network Install

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For this client, we installed a small office network and cameras in the existing building structure. Upon completion of network installs we provide our client with a detailed network diagram, with all of the label details.


VGA System Converted to HDMI

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The client was using an outdated AV over ethernet system to the projector. We assisted them in finding an affordable solution to convert to HDMI to modernize and simplify the system. Instead of installing a blank plate we installed brush plate to make it easy to run any charging cables cleanly from under the desk.

Cable Management Service 

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This client had multiple contractors that performed some work for him and left everything a mess.  Our team was able to come in and organize the communication systems to help the client prevent shorter downtimes with the ability to identify and troubleshoot the system properly.  

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