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Hardware Services & Solutions


VoIP phone systems yield many benefits to help your employees and customers communicate efficiently. Edison GK provides and installs these VoIP services. Listed below are some of the many benefits of VoIP.

  • Easily scales to the number of lines up or down

  • Allows your employees the ability to take calls away from the desk phone

  • Provides electronic faxing options

  • Costs less than wired phone service providers

  • Inter grates with other business software to automate processes


Wireless networks are very affordable solutions from your conventional ethernet network. Wireless networks also provide mobility and convenience for your employees and clients. Wireless networks also come with security disadvantages that can put your network at risk if not configured properly. Edison GK installs and configures your wireless network to eliminate security risks and to provide you the proper coverage for your workspace or store.


Edison GK provides CAT5, CAT6, HDMI, and USB cabling for office spaces, classrooms, and conference rooms. All cabling services come with clean termination, labeling, and cable management as needed. Our cabling services provide long term savings as it reduces your user's downtime and technicians time to resolve issues. 

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