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IT Consultation Services

Not sure what software or hardware you need? Edison GK provides full consultation and market research to find an economical solution that best meets your needs. Trust us to do what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best.


We go through a simple process with our clients that is designed to implement a full end to end service. Below is the layout and steps that Edison GK team members go through to provide full satisfaction to our clients

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During this phase, we will work with your team to identify what your problem points are. If you have a current software or hardware in place, we will analyze your current systems to assure we capture all current features. After reviewing the information that we have captured we will prioritize the existing features and the new features that you are looking to identify within your new software.


After capturing and prioritizing features we take the information to the market and locate the best software solutions to meet all of your requirements. After we locate all possible solutions we will provide a comparison and contract report of the different options. Providing you the ability to make an educated decision that you can be confident to fit your business needs best.


During this stage, it is a joint process between your team and our consultants.  First, we will validate the software with a trial period to confirm all features work as anticipated. If it is a piece of hardware it will be validated after deployment. While we after validating we will begin training both administrative and end users to ensure the team is ready for deployment.


After taking all of the steps to confirm that the deployment of the software or equipment will be successful and a smooth transition. Deployment or “Go-Live,” is when your staff begins to use the system. Final data migration is performed, your user base is trained, system documentation is completed, and plans for user support are activated. User training at the launch of a system is as much about “your process” as it is about specific software features.


Generally overlooked during the implementation of new hardware or software solutions, change management gives you the opportunity to reassess and realign business processes to meet current goals, metrics, and corporate standards. Edison GK staff are trained to evaluate how well business processes match stated objectives and assist clients to resolve inconsistencies and inefficiencies.

Concise communication and well-prepared training will provide a successful and complete implementation of your IT solutions. Edison GK strives to make this a smooth and pleasant process as we focus on the business impact of the new processes and systems with your team and leaders. This process is designed to help secure our clients to be successful.

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