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Committed to Excellence

Founded by Grant Edison Kettell in 2012, Edison GK has been providing IT services to the community with a passion for bringing simple solutions to solve complex problems to local business and organizations. We know that change is not always easy but it is critical to make changes to stay competitive. We work hard to help our clients make these changes as smooth and easy as possible.


As a company that provides communication services, we promise to provide concise and responsive communication during the process of providing our services and support. When providing our services we strive to be very clear on the price you pay for the service you receive, so that you do not receive unexpected and expensive invoices for the services that we provide. Documentation and organization are other key features that are skipped when working with most IT companies. We provide full documentation of the structure and organization of the services that we provide so that you will never be stuck with whom you choose to use in the future.


Our team of experts are ready to help today. If you have further interest please click below to call or to send a message.

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